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Q: Is there any extra license needed for these scripts?
A: No. It only need Verdi license key to use the commands in NPI L0. You may need other license like nAnalyzer/PowerAnalysis/nECO if there was related commands in your application. The extra license key maybe required by some Apps, such as Design Manipulation or 3rd party tools.

Q: Which platforms and version of GCC are supported?
A: Currently, we support Linux and Linux64 platform and GCC 3.2.3, GCC 3.4.6, GCC 4.2.2 and GCC 4.5.2

Q: Does NPI support System Verilog?
A: Yes. The language model of NPI supports System Verilog in 2011.07, will support VHDL, SVTB as well in the future.

Q: What kind of usage NPI provides?
A: Currently, NPI provides two sets of interfaces. One is the Tcl command interface and the other is the C interface. A Verdi license is required to check out either interface.

The advantages of the Tcl command interface compared to the C interface are:

  • The Tcl command can be played in both batch mode (through a command file) and interactive mode (through theTcl console) when the novas executable is invoked. There is no need to compile an executable.
  • Users can hook their existing application programs through the Tcl interface with the novas executable.

The disadvantages of the Tcl command interface compared to the C interface is:

  • The Tcl command interface will have worse performance due to the Tcl interpreter effort.

As the Tcl command interface is built based on the C-API, read through the C-API usage to understand the language model and the mechanism to traverse the objects.

Q: Is there any environment variable required for using NPI commands?
A: In the Novas 2011.07 or 2011.10 version, the environment variable NOVAS_NEW_NPI must be set to enable the NPI Tcl script first:

> setenv NOVAS_NEW_NPI 1
> verdi -play test.tcl

We will set the new NPI as default NPI from 2012.01. If you still have TCL scripts with old NPI, please set the environment variable NOVAS_OLD_NPI before executing your script.

Q: What’s the difference between the NPI L1 library, the sepaerated scripts on the download page and the shared script on the forum?
A: The main difference is the quality. Every functions/procedures in the NPI L1 library has clear SPEC and qualified by our QA flow. The scripts on the download pages are donated by AC/user, which verified with limited case. The sharing scripts on the forum are posted by registered user, which not be tested by us. You can refer or use the script from the forum for urgency, but we do not guarantee the quality and safety.

Q: What’s the flow of the sharing script?
A: When getting the script from the sharing page, forum, or e-mail, we will review it and make sure the quality and safety for user. Then put it on the Download web site.

Q: Where I can find the NPI L1 libraries?
A: Please check the installation directory of Verdi. For example:

And the compiler specific directories is:

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